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I am Thankful for All Things Creative

​​It’s been a rough year. I don’t think many will argue about that. But even during this rough year—especially during this rough year—I am thankful for all things creative. I am thankful I can turn to creativity and the arts, and I’m thankful for my own good year of creativity.

(And I don’t say “good” meaning any recognized, measurable unit of success. I mean that I enjoyed the creativity of others and experienced personal creativity growth… and I’m thankful for it.)

1) I am thankful for stories

​​Whether it’s a book (I’ve read 72 so far this year!), a play, a painting—I love stories. I have a fiction addiction! I get to experience things I would never get to in my every day life... from the comfort of my couch. I get to travel to fantasy worlds, learn about what it’s like to be a murder detective, discover different countries and time periods. I get to see the world through others’ point of views, and experience personal growth in the process.

Thank God we have stories.

2) I am thankful for the creative process

I found comfort in the creative process this year. I spent the year preparing to direct a play and revising two fiction manuscripts. There are steps to take. There is an order that can be predicted—somewhat. Of course there are surprises in the creative process, but there is a path to fall back on. There is research to do, rehearsal patterns to execute—there are others before us to lead the way. It feels good to put together the puzzle pieces of a play, book, painting, piece of music, etc. It’s so rewarding when it clicks and the creative process moves forward.

I am thankful for the creative process—a path to follow and execute—when other things in life are more chaotic.

3) I am thankful for collaboration

​​I think many would agree: the artistic community saves. The community of collaborators I find in a rehearsal room lifts me up and motivates. The community of writers I’ve found on social media is an endless source of inspiration and encouragement—and great advice! I am thankful for the designers, technicians, staff and actors I work with when I direct plays. I’m thankful for my writing group members, critique partners, beta readers and writing mentors. I am thankful for all the artists across disciplines who share through writing or public speaking. I’m listening, and grateful.

When trading ideas with artistic collaborators, I can feel my mind and heart expanding. You know that feeling? It’s pretty addicting. And I’m thankful for it.

This holiday season, I hope you make the time to write, rehearse, craft and create. I hope you read, see plays, visit a museum or gallery, listen to live music, and see a great movie. Wishing you creativity, and a Happy Thanksgiving!

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