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Here are links to a variety of writing samples, all original work by me, Abigail Fine.

Blogs from personal website—I write about a variety of topics on my blog. Some highlights include this post comparing writing fiction and directing plays and this blog with Development Director tips.

Printed materials—I conceived, wrote all copy, and selected all images for the Fairfax Library Foundation Annual Report, which raised three times more than previous reports. I did the same work for this dance company brochure.

Marketing plans—here are two marketing campaigns with sample copy. The first is for a festival at Loudoun County Library, and the second campaign promoting the arts for a council vote.

Development appeals—these are two persuasive fundraising letters. This letter to a funder resulted in a $15,000 grant award (first time award) from just this letter, no additional materials. 

Fiction—check back here for samples of fiction-writing. Previous sample pulled because I was offered a publishing contract!

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