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My first novel, THE LAST FIRST DAUGHTER, has been published by Evernight Teen! This is a Young Adult adventure novel, a cross between Designated Survivor and Anastasia! The ebook and paperback versions are now available now on Amazon, Evernight Teen, and other online book retailers!

For the latest, please check out my Facebook author page! You can find me on Goodreads, too!

Purchase on Amazon, Evernight Teen or other online retailers as an ebook for $4.99 (available in all ebook formats) or in paperback for $14.99!

The Last First Daughter

Lindy is the only surviving member of the First Family.


During the first television broadcast in a decade, direct from the White House, terrorists attack. Eighteen-year-old Lindy escapes thanks to her secret service officer, Henry, and now finds her country under the control of a cruel, oppressive regime—and she and Henry the targets of a countrywide manhunt.


Using fake identities and Lindy’s engineering skills, which allow her to build a network of radios, Lindy and Henry join a group planning to fight back against the new regime. Lindy must decide if she can sacrifice the relationship closest to her heart, her safety, and possibly her life to give millions of others hope for their future, and take back the White House.

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