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My name is Abbie Fine. I describe myself as:

Author. Always a storyteller and huge book nerd, my first novel came out with Evernight Teen December 8, 2017. I'm revising a new manuscript and always looking to learn all I can about writing & publishing. You can learn more about my debut book here!

Theatre director. Specialties include Shakespeare (accessible adaptations), Irish plays, solo shows, female-centered new plays, heightened language, simplistic/high impact design, focus on storytelling. Check out my projects page for reviews of my latest production.

Nonprofit manager.  I recently served as the Managing Director of NextStop Theatre Company, a professional theatre in Northern Virginia. I am currently Associate Vice President of Client Partnerships at nonprofit strategic consulting firm The Angeletti Group. 

Management instructor. I sometimes teach Principles of Management as an adjunct at George Mason University; especially interested in job design, motivating employees, organizational culture -- specifically, what the corporate world can learn from the arts.


An entrepreneur-in-waiting. Interested in startups and creative business models; actively looking for the right idea for me.

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