Pitch Wars #PimpMyBio 2017

This is my #PimpMyBio for Pitch Wars, a wonderful online writing “contest” that’s really the most amazing writing community! You can find me on twitter @abbiei – please say hello. Thanks for reading, cheers!

About Me

I’m a writer, director, manager, teacher, communicator, fundraiser and library-lover living in the DC suburbs, Virginia side. I fundraise for a library system during the day, and do all the creative things in the evenings and weekends (and sometimes on lunch breaks!). I direct a couple plays a year at professional, non-union theatre companies. I teach Principles of Management to undergrads. I write fiction and I read obsessively.

I like to be busy. I don’t know much about television shows. I think gifs are awesome, but they’re not my style. I love cooking but I hate making time to cook—I could be writing! My home is always passably okay-looking and “clean,” but not neat or stylish.

​​My greatest accomplishment in recent years was giving the toast for my sister and her new husband at their wedding. All the other things pale in comparison to creating & sharing a special moment with my sister and family. That’s what life is about, right?

​​Interests: Books, theatre, Shakespeare, aviation, hiking, traveling, yoga, snowmobiling, tap dancing, management/ leadership/ entrepreneurship and cozy coffee shops.

Some Favorite Books: The Golden Compass, The Scorpio Races, Six of Crows, I’ll Give You the Sun, A Darker Shade of Magic, Wolf by Wolf, Strange the Dreamer, Ender’s Game, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

My writing

I’ve been storytelling for 17 years as a theatre director, and writing fiction (since 2013) has felt like a natural extension. When I’m not collaborating with artists in a rehearsal room, I do my storytelling in a different way: writing. I think my experience as a director is a strength in my writing. I’ve had great feedback on my dialogue and action in manuscripts—behavior and language are the main tools of a director! But mostly I just love comparing and contrasting the forms, figuring out what I can steal from one creative process to help with the other. I wrote about some of that thought process here.

I love my writing time, and I find the revision process to be equally or even more exciting than drafting. I’ve worked with multiple critique partners, beta readers, a writing group, and a freelance editor. Collaboration is the best thing ever.

Pitch Wars + Abbie

I would love to be selected for Pitch Wars this year. I am creatively ready to be pushed by a mentor, with the mental space (and actual time!) to make the most of the mentoring partnership. I have a flexible communication style, and I’m told I’m easy and pleasant to work with. That’s why the same theatre companies keep hiring me back again and again—I got the collaboration thing down. I have so much respect for the mentors’ time & talents, and I promise I will make the most of it!

I’ve decided to enter my new YA Fantasy manuscript, SISTERS FROM THE SKY. It’s not as polished as the YA retelling I’ve been working on for four years, but my CPs tell me this is my manuscript.

I call it my sister story. I wanted to explore the love and hate that can exist between sisters, showing both points of view. I love all things STEAM (STEM with the Arts) so one sister builds flying machines and the other excels at a magic system I’ve created where magic is manifested through the arts (spoiler alert, the writer is the most powerful!). Of course, two sisters means double the romance. There’s diversity and monsters and political intrigue. But mostly it’s a complicated sister story. More about it here!

I’m looking for a mentor to help strengthen the manuscript, with particular focus on the world-building—I think. I trust the mentors!

That's it for now! I look forward to learning more about the Pitch Wars hopefuls and mentors! Please tweet me at @abbiei

And here's the bloghop for the other #PimpMyBio entries!

Some #NovelAesthetics for SISTERS FROM THE SKY:

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