Why I loved snowmobiling

It’s the middle of summer, but I’m still thinking about my snowmobiling vacation. Right after the trip, I posted this on Instagram:

We flew to Jackson Hole, drove to West Yellowstone in a rental car (through three states of gorgeous scenery), and then did two days of snowmobiling. The first day we took a double snowmobile into Yellowstone Park with a guide. The second day we each rode our own snowmobiles through a large snowmobile trail network.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to go on adventures like this!

Why this trip was important to me:

1. Stretching the comfort zone

​​I figured I would be okay with riding on the back of the double snowmobile, with my husband driving. I don’t mind speed. But I am not comfortable operating new vehicles. I am not good with machinery. I thought I would steer myself of the trail. Or into traffic. Or just not be able to get the damn thing started. I only agreed because my husband wanted to ride his own (so he could go fast) and needed someone to share it with. He wanted to share it with me.

Turns out, driving the snowmobile was easy for me. It was thrilling! No, I didn’t drive as fast as my husband, but I did get up there in speed. I didn’t spin donuts in every patch of powder, but I did some figure eights in a big open field. I sped along gorgeous trails and sang the Star Wars theme to myself! I had the best day, when all along I thought I would hate it.

Snowmobiling is an activity that was out of my comfort zone, but I found that I was comfortable. Comfort zone officially expanded! And I learned that trying things that scare us can be even more enjoyable than staying with what we know we’re okay with.

2. I did it for my partner

​​This was a dream of my husband’s that I said yes to. I didn’t have to say yes. We could only plan vacations that fit our shared interests. But then I’d miss out on seeing him experience something that he loves… and I would’ve missed getting out of my comfort zone and realizing I love it.

Besides, now we can take an Abbie-vacation and maybe he’ll have the same experience that I did!

3. A retreat for my creativity

Vacations in unique settings turn on your creativity in new ways. The stunning visuals, the extreme weather, the longer stretches of riding and relative quiet. It gives your brain the space and stimulation to go different places. It’s not like I drafted a book in my mind on the snowmobile, but my brain got a break, it got to stretch in new ways. And yeah, I did get a story idea or two.

And then there are the simple facts of this vacation: The scenery was gorgeous. The food was unique (we road in a heard of bison and enjoyed bison nachos for dinner. The best nachos we’ve ever had). It was romantic. It was an adventure. We got to see more of our great country, landscape and wildlife and people and all.

So whether you’re planning a last minute summer getaway—or planning ahead for your winter wonderland vacation—think about doing something besides your usual, outside your perceived comfort zone.

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